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Global Operator of Full Flight Simulator Training Centers Ansett Aviation Training Offering A320 and ATR72-600 FFS Capacity in Asia

Australia headquartered Ansett Aviation Training which operates full flight simulator training centers across Australia, Asia (Taiwan), the Middle East (Dubai) and Europe (Italy) has announced it is offering Airbus A320 and ATR72-600 full flight simulator training capacity on its EASA certified devices in Taipei, Taiwan.

Ansett Aviation Asia is located just under 10 minutes drive from Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan. The simulator training facility is a 5 bay simulator training center created to support pilot training for regional Asian airlines and other pilot training stakeholders.

Ansett Aviation Asia offers:

  • A320 / ATR-600 dry and wet FFS hire
  • A320 / Atr-600 Entry Level Training (Elt Course)
  • Jet Familiarization / Multi-crew Cooperation Course
  • A320 / Atr-600 Type Rating Training
  • A320 / Atr-600 Recurrent Training
  • A320 / Atr-600 Re-qualification Training
  • A340/330-a320 Cross Crew Qualification (Ccq) Training
  • Jet Bridging (Jet Orientation, Multi Crew Co-operation) Course

Various hotel and transportation options are available conveniently in the heart of the city located only 12 minutes from the training centre.




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