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Corporate Profile

Ansett Aviation Training, based in Melbourne, Australia, provides training for aviation personnel from all over the world. We offer a complete suite of training solutions to assist pilots from initial endorsements to recurrency programs and are flexible to create specific solutions for an airlines needs. The broad range of simulators places Ansett in a unique position to offer the highest standard in training services from small turbo-prop aircraft to jet aircraft operated by major airlines.

Ansett Aviation Training operates from a world class, state-of-the-art training facility incorporating briefing rooms, classrooms, computer-based training devices and cabin crew training equipment all of which are utilised in accordance with the latest aviation training practices and methodologies.

Ansett is one of the world’s leading independent providers of aviation training services that has continued to build on its world leading reputation, now firmly establishing itself as the largest aviation training centre in the southern hemisphere with the broadest fleet in the world.

Ansett Aviation Training

Aircraft Type Ratings/Conversion Training

Ansett global training centres offer an extensive range of Type Rating/Conversion training courses on a number of aircraft types. The training courses consist of the aircraft pilot engineering ground course, involving computer-based and classroom training. Cockpit training aids together with Fixed Based Simulator sessions are utilised as a part of the course prior to the extensive Full Flight Simulator sessions.
The aviation regulator approved training courses, combined with the highly experienced Ansett instructor team, result in quality training that has been acknowledged throughout the aviation industry.

Recurrent/Refresher Training

Ansett approved instructors can provide required recurrent/refresher training for Type Rated pilots, to enhance pilot skills and aviation safety.

Instrument Rating Proficiency Check – (IPC)

The revalidation/renewal of an Instrument Rating for Type Rated pilots can be completed at the Ansett global training centres by our approved instructor team.

Jet Bridging Course - Airline Pilot

The Ansett Training Centres offer Jet Bridging/Jet Orientation Courses designed to prepare pilots transitioning from the basic commercial training environment (piston engine aircraft) to jet airline operations. The course is designed to thoroughly prepare the student for their first jet Type Rating course as well as any potential airline selection simulator assessments.

Multi Crew Co-operation Training

Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) training is required for pilots operating a multi-crew certificated aircraft. The Ansett MCC training focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of operating as a crew in the multi-crew airline environment. In addition, the course offers students the opportunity to practice and develop the skills necessary for leadership and support roles.

Airline employment screening/training

<p style=”color: #203264;”>Airlines, as part of their interview screening of prospective pilots, may conduct an assessment of flying skills in a Full Flight simulator. Ansett training centres are able to offer pilots pre interview training in a full flight simulator to assist in the preparation for the assessment.</p>

Simulator Instructor Rating

<p style=”color: #203264;”>Ansett training centres offer training courses for qualified pilots to become a simulator Instructor, on specific aircraft types.</p>

Commercial Pilot Training

<p style=”color: #203264;”>Classroom, computer-based and full flight simulation training for pilots including recurrent, instrument proficiency, initial training and bridging courses.</p>

Transport Pilot Training

<p style=”color: #203264;”>Licenced provider of transport pilot licence courses and multi-crew cooperation training.</p>

Airline Employment Screening/Training

Assessments for airlines or training for pilots in preparation for assessments

Threat and Error Management Training

Training solutions to enhance an understanding of the required non-technical skills associated with pilot competence.

Flight Safety Training

Classroom and real-life emergency and flight safety training solutions for cabin crews