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Ansett Aviation Training

Hawker Beechcraft B200 AUS 42

The King Air, a twin engine turbo prop aircraft, was the first aircraft in its class and has been in continued production since 1964. Having built more than 3100+ aircraft, it has outsold all its competitors combined and is now the only small twin-turboprop aircraft still in production. Its seating capacity is 13.

Certificate number: AUS 42
First entry into service: 2008
Operator: Ansett Aviation Training
Sim Manufacturer:
Aircraft model: B200
Qualification level: CASA* FFS Level D

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Flight Simulator Specification

Type/Variant of Aircraft:  Beechcraft King Air B200
Flight Simulator Qualification Basis: MOS Part 60 Chapter 3
Visual System: Rediffusion SP1- Two Monitor CGI
Motion System: Analog “Four Degrees of Freedom”
Engine Fit: PT6A-42
Flight Management System Fit: Nil
TCAS Fit: Nil

 *Civil Aviation Safety Authority – Australia

*Ansett Reference: B200