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Ansett Aviation Training

Airbus A320 No. IT-083

The A320 is a short to medium range commercial aircraft manufactured by Airbus. Introduced to the market on the 28th March 1988, pioneering the Fly-by-wire Flight Control Systems in a commercial aircraft. As of today, over 3000 of these aircraft have been built making it the second most popular commercial aircraft in the world.

5/N: L 1774-1

ENAC FSTD Code: No. IT-083
First entry into service: 2018
Operator: Ansett Aviation Italy S.P.A.
Aircraft manufacturer: Airbus
Aircraft model:  A320-200
Sim Manufacturer:
Qualification level: FFS Level D

Location: Aeroporto Milano Malpensa snc 21019 Somma Lombardo (VA) – Italy


Type or variant of aircraft: A320-200
FSTD qualification level: ENAC* FFS Level D
Primary reference document: CS-FSTD A Issue 2
Visual System: Rockwell Collins EP-8100, 3-channels image generator, JVC VS2500 laser LCoS hybrid proiectors, FOV 200deqx40deq
Motion System: 60 inch stroke 6-DOF L3 eM2K Electro-hydraulic
Engine Fit: CFM 56-5B4
Instrument Fit: According to Airbus standard 2.0: FWC – STD H2-F9, ELAC – STD L9, SEC -STD 124, FAG p/n C13206AA02, FMGC Honeywell Pegasus p/n C13207CA05 Release 1A
ACAS fit: ACAS II (SW 7.1)
Windshear: Windshear reproduction profiles available
Additional capabilities: Full/Post Stall. Bounced and gusting crosswind landing FAA training scenarios. Smoke qenerator – runway overrun protection system (ROPS)
Restrictions/Limitations: None


*Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile – competent Authority of the Italian Republic,

Member of European Union

*Ansett Reference: A320-1