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Ansett Aviation Training

Viking CL-415 No. IT-088

The Bombardier 415 aircraft is the industry’s benchmark amphibious aircraft and the backbone of firefighting missions around the globe. Launched in 1994, this high-wing, all-metal amphibian remains the only aircraft specifically designed for aerial firefighting. Its proven technology and fire-extinguishing power make it the most effective machine for the job.

S/N: SN-00002640

ENAC FSTD Code: No. IT-088
First entry into service: 2019
Operator: Ansett Aviation Italy S.P.A.
Aircraft manufacturer:  Viking
Aircraft model:  CL-415
Sim Manufacturer:
Qualification level: FFS Level D
Location: Aeroporto Milano Malpensa snc 21019 Somma Lombardo (VA) – Italy



Type or variant of aircraft: CL-415
FSTD qualification level: ENAC* FFS Level D
Primary reference document: CS-FSTD A Issue 2
Visual System: Rockwell Collins EP-8100, 3-channels image generator, JVC VS2300 laser
LCoS hybrid projectors, FOV 200 deg H x 40deg V
Motion System: Moog Electric Pneumatic MB-EP 6-DOF 60 inches stroke
Engine Fit: Pratt & Whitney PW123AF, Hamilton Standard 14-SF-19 propeller
Instrument Fit:  According to the aircraft type equipped with Honeywell FZ-450_040 AFCS,

Universal UNS-1Lw FMS. Honeywell Primus 660 WX Radar, Honeywell RM-855 RMU, Honeywell AA-300 Radio Altimeter.

ACAS fit: N/A
Windshear: Windshear reproduction profiles available
Additional capabilities: Full/Post Stall, UPRT according to CS-FSTD A Issue 2. Bounced and gusting crosswind landing FAA training scenarios. Firefighting realistic scenario.

Landing and takeoff on water. Smoke generator. Remote debriefing station.
Restrictions/Limitations: 1) High angle of attack engine and airframe icing effect demonstration N/A

*Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile – competent Authority of the Italian Republic,

Member of European Union

*Ansett Reference: CL415