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Ansett Aviation Training

Fairchild Metro III/23 AUS 18

The aircraft was originally developed as the SA26-T Merlin IIA in 1965 with similarities to the Queen Air. This similarity ended with the development of the Metro III in 1972 featuring new wings with inverted engine nacelles, new landing gear, redesigned tail mount and a longer nose. The Fairchild Metro Merlin III is a pressurised, twin engine turbo prop aircraft designed for 2 crew and 19 passengers.

Certificate number: AUS 18
First entry into service: 2001
Operator: Ansett Aviation Training
Sim manufacture:
Aircraft model: Fairchild Metro III
Qualification level: CASA* FFS Level B
Location: Melbourne, Australia


Flight Simulator Specification

Type/Variant of Aircraft: Fairchild Metro III
Flight Simulator Qualification Basis:  FSD-1 Version 6.1 Level 3
Visual System: Redifusion Nova View SP1 Single Channel / Two Monitor CGI
Motion System: Four Degrees of Freedom
Engine Fit: TPE331-11U
Flight Management System Fit: Nil
TCAS Fit: Nil

*Civil Aviation Safety Authority – Australia

*Ansett Reference: Metro III/23