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Ansett Aviation Training

Saab S340 AUS 15

The SAAB first flew on 25 January 1983 as a joint partnership with Fairchild Aircraft. Production continued to the 340A and 340B which had more powerful engines and larger horizontal stabilizers. Production typically consisted of 32 to 36 seating capacity. The latter 340B+ incorporates an active noise and vibration control system in the cabin reducing 10dB during flight.

Certificate number: AUS 15
First entry into service: 1998
Operator: Ansett Aviation Training
Aircraft manufacturer: SAAB AB
Sim Manufacturer:
Aircraft model: SAAB FAIRCHILD 340A, SAAB 340B
Qualification level: CASA* FFS Level D

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Flight Simulator Specification

Type/Variant of Aircraft: SAAB 340A / 340B
Flight Simulator Qualification Basis: ICAO MCQFS First Edition Visual System Rockwell Collins Ep 1000 (180 x 40 deg FOV)
Motion System Six Degrees of Freedom
Engine Fit: GE CT7-5A2 (A) Model GE CT7-9B (B) Model
TCAS Fit: Version 7.0

 *Civil Aviation Safety Authority – Australia

*Ansett Reference: S340