Saab 340

The SAAB first flew on 25 January 1983 as a joint partnership with Fairchild Aircraft. Production continued to the 340A and 340B which had more powerful engines and larger horizontal stabilizers. Production typically consisted of 32 to 36 seating capacity. The latter 340B+ incorporates an active noise and vibration control system in the cabin reducing 10dB during flight.

Type/Variant of Aircraft: SAAB 340A / SAAB 340B

Flight Simulator Qualification Level: D (IACO Level II)

Manufacturer: Flight Safety International - Simulator Systems Division


Engines: General ElectricCT7-5A2 / CT7-9B

Flight Management System: UNS-1K

TCAS: Version 7 EGPWS and Weather Radar Windshear warning system
Configurable to A and B model aircraft within minutes

Host Computer: Concurrent 3280

Visual System: Rockwell Collins EP1000 180 by 40 degree daylight/dusk/night/dawn

Motion/Control Loading System: Motion - Digital 36", Control Loading - Digital, Degrees of Freedom - Six


SAAB 340 Melbourne

SAAB 340

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