Airbus A320 CEET

The A320 Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer is a single device with a cabin section and exterior fuselage profile. The trainer meets all the requirements for initial and recurrent A320 Cabin Evacuation and Emergency training. Listed to the right is the equipment available and functions that can be performed.

  • Seating for passengers, cabin attendants and flight crew
  • Passenger Door L1
  • Malfunctions for Passenger Door L1
  • Galleys
  • Overhead stowage bins
  • Passenger service units with oxygen dropouts
  • Lavatories
  • Simulated interiors, partitions and obstructions
  • General cabin lighting, emergency lighting and escape lighting
  • Safety equipment stowage
  • Evacuation alarms
  • Interior signs and labels
  • Attendant Panels
  • Interphone and PA system
  • Cabin Attendant Seats with harnesses
  • Simulated fire and smoke scenarios
  • Sound simulation
  • Smoke generation and extraction system
  • Carpet, soft furnishings
  • Instructor console
  • Computer control system

Airbus A320 CEET

Airbus A320 CEET Cabin

Airbus A320 CEET Door

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