The greatest career awaits you as an airline pilot. See the world at 30,000 feet as you travel to exotic locations. It's the perfect job with an office that moves, a view that constantly changes and challenges that are exhilarating. Begin your training today!

Pilot Training

Ansett Aviation Training provides training for pilots utilising state-of-the-art Full Flight Simulation technology and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Training courses offered include:

  • Aircraft Type Ratings/Conversion Training
  • Recurrent Training
  • Instrument Proficiency Check
  • Jet Bridging Course – Airline Pilot
  • Airline Transport Pilots Licence
  • Multi Crew Cooperation
  • Airline employment screening/training
  • Threat and error management training

Aircraft Type Ratings/Conversion Training

Our extensive range of conversion training courses consist of a pilot engineering ground course involving computer-based and classroom training. Cockpit training aids together with planned Fixed Based Simulator sessions are utilised as a part of the course.

The Full Flight Simulator sessions in Type Rating courses provide an accurate simulated aircraft environment for students to train in. Ansett Aviation Training instructors are able to control this environment allowing sessions to be paused in order to highlight issues or repeat exercises, and therefore teach more effectively.

In addition to this, training sequences such as emergency situations or extreme weather conditions can be introduced during a simulator session that cannot be exercised in a real aircraft due to safety concerns.

Recurrent Training

All requirements for recurrent training and for recency are provided by Ansett Aviation Training. Our CASA approved instructors provide the necessary training and, in some cases, can be nominated to act as approved check pilots for nominated airlines.

Instrument Proficiency Check - IPC

Endorsed pilots are able to meet all CASA requirements when conducting an instrument rating renewal with our approved instructors in one of our Full Flight Simulators.

Jet Bridging Course - Airline Pilot

The Ansett Aviation Training Jet Bridging Course is designed to prepare pilots transitioning from the basic commercial training environment (piston engine aircraft) to jet airline operations. It is designed to thoroughly prepare the student for their first jet type rating course as well as any potential airline selection simulator assessments.

Airline Transport Pilots Licence - ATPL

The new CASA pilot licencing regulations (Part 61) require pilots to complete a flight test in a full flight simulator to gain an Airline Transport Pilot Licence. Ansett Aviation Training and its team of qualified instructors is approved to conduct these tests in its range of full flight simulators.

Multi Crew Cooperation Course – MCC

The new pilot licencing regulations (CASR Part 61) require pilots who wish to qualify for an Airline Transport Pilot Licence to have completed a Multi Crew Co-Operation Course (MCC). Ansett Aviation Training in conjunction with its training partners is able to provide MCC training.

Airline employment screening/training

All airlines as part of their interview screening of prospective pilots conduct an assessment of flying skills in a full flight simulator. Ansett Aviation Training is able to offer pilots pre interview training in a full flight simulator to assist in the preparation for the assessment.

Threat and error management training

Included in the Type rating Courses offered by Ansett Aviation Training, modules covering Threat and Error Management are included in the courses to enhance an understanding of the required non-technical skills associated with pilot competence.

Training Courses

Ansett Aviation Training's extensive range of type rating courses for pilots consists of:

  • Technical ground school training
  • Cockpit procedures training
  • Fixed Base simulator training
  • Full Flight simulator training

Ansett Aviation Training is renowned for the quality of aviation training provided. Our highly qualified team of instructors, together with the regulatory approved courses combine to make Ansett Aviation Training a centre of excellence.