BAe 146 - Avro rj

The BAe146 is a medium sized commercial jet aircraft that first went into production in May 1983. Improved engines in 1992 introduced the jet as the Avro RJ until it ceased production late in 2001 having built 387 planes. The aircraft is known for its STOL capabilities and very quiet operation, hence it has been marketed under the name of Wisperjet.

Type/Variant of Aircraft:

BAe146 - Avro RJ85 / RJ100

Flight Simulator Qualification Level:

EASA Level D




Engines: Lycoming LF507-1F

Flight Management System: FMS GNLU-910 or GNS-X

TCAS: Version 7.1

Visual System: CAE Tropos 6200 LCOS

FOV 180x40

Motion/Control Loading System: Hydraulic 6 DOF Reflectone


Avro RJ Milan Italy

BAe146 Cockpit